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The Story behind Universal Steel Industries

Starting off its humble beginnings as Gay Boon Lee. It has always adopted the attributes of its core business, stainless steel fabrication. Sturdy, Trusted, Efficient, Effective and Long-lasting are some words associated with STEEL – an indispensable material ubiquitous down to the smallest aspects of every commercial and private kitchen. Using this as part of their values and being forward looking, Universal Steel has added more product lines, like Turbo Flame, Hoshizaki as well as Rational combination ovens, to complement its core business.

Universal Steel exemplifies the fine qualities of the superb metal for which it is named with a reliable track record of more than 35 years serving our customers which has been the pillar of support for our company. As such, we owe it to our customers to provide more professional services and products. Universal Steel will never compromise on quality and workmanship. Or customers trust and depend on Universal Steel to deliver efficient, effective and long-lasting products and services for their unique needs.

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